The simplest way to share web design mock-ups with clients

With QwikVu, clients will always see your designs at 100% scale, in the browser.

No more email attachments.
No need for clients to create accounts.
Just share a link and you're done!

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You know the story…

Your designs
are ready…

You've spent days crafting beautiful designs for a new website. The colors are just right, positioning is perfect and those subtle touches will blow the client away…

But how to
send them?

You're ready to deliver your images to the client. Trouble is, they'll double click the attachments and their picture viewer will ruin your hard work…


Upload your mock-ups to QwikVu and be safe in the knowledge that your client will see every design exactly as it will appear to the outside world. Simple!

Upload your design
as PNG, JPG or GIF

Share a custom
URL with your client

Get feedback
directly in the browser

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Full functionality with one live gallery for free.
Need more? Unlimited live galleries for only $40 a year.

Upload multiple images to a single URL

Flick through galleries of mock-ups

Upload multiple images in one go and send a single, easy-to-remember URL. Your client can page through each design or choose from a gallery of thumbnails.

Customize your QwikVu URLs

Give your clients personalized links

Gallery URLs can be tailored,
e.g. http://qwik.vu/bobsribshack-website.

Password-protect your designs

Extra peace of mind for your clients

All QwikVu URLs are hidden from search engines, so only those you share them with can see them. Add that extra bit of privacy by setting a password as well.

Get client feedback

Add simple sticky-notes to your mock-ups

QwikVu’s point-and-click system allows clients to share their feedback in the browser, without any training or the need to create accounts.

Know when clients have reviewed your work

See notifications within the control panel

You'll know when clients have checked out your work
- or left feedback

Ten second sign-up, no commitment, no credit card.

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